amfi life

Getting used to Amfi life…

I’m actually getting used to my busy life as an Amfi student. Except for the lack of food, sleep and social life I actually do like it. It’s hard work, no doubt. I start my days at nine and finish at 6. And that’s even early day. But fortunately the end of my first project is in sight… Yeay! One more week of sowing and my prototype (dress) will be ready for the show.. A lot has to happen before that.. Hihi OOPS. Hoping my designs will be approved tomorrow! Can’t wait till this is over!

Between all the craziness I have a little quiet moment every morning when I ride my bike to school through the park… Love that. It’s so nice seeing the city wake up and I can tell by the color of the leaves that fall is on its way.. Brrrrr.