Batik Sleeve: 13″


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Vintage Batik Collection
by Lulu&me

Batik is a cotton cloth that is traditionally dyed with wax to separate colors and create patterns, it is certified by UNESCO as Indonesia cultural heritage.

Interestingly, the classic character of batik becomes stronger as it gets older, which is known as vintage batik.

It is this vintage batik that Lulu&me Collection proudly uses, combined with cotton canvas. 

Because of this special character of the facbric, each Lulu&me product is one of a kind, for there will be no reproduction after one vintage batik piece is used up.

The mission of Lulu&me is simply to be proud of using the products of Indonesia and having specific items that is known from Indonesia – in a modern cut and look.

Our products come in variety of colors, provide good protection, are durable, and hand-washable.

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