THAILAND // Peaceful Pai

Pai is a little hippie village in Northern Thailand.. It’s a 3 hour ride up the mountains before arrived in this slow-paced funny little village. “I open when I want to open”, that’s the spirit of most of the places in Pai. Many travellers stay here a little longer than they intented to, which is not surprising. The relaxed vibe, the beautiful ricefields surrounding the area, the super sweet people and all the lovely places to sleep, eat & chill….


One of my favourite places to hang out was this one:


DSCF7162 DSCF7160 IMG_9407 DSCF7057 DSCF7061 DSCF7053 DSCF7054 DSCF7055 DSCF7063

Where to find it? Nooo idea! The place didn’t really have a name, but when you cross the big bridge in Pai, you just have to follow the road up to the temple with the white buddha. There are a lot more places like this one up that road!


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